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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The Zoo and Bronchitis

Our last trip to the zoo since our membership has expired. Jocelyn and Ezra were playing so well together and it was so cute!

Ezra sometimes decides to crawl on his hands and knees and I was lucky enough to catch some of it before he went down to his belly for an army crawl.

I'm pretty sure this stroller with a car seat in it wasn't made for two kids, but they made the best of their situation so they wouldn't have to walk or be held. Hehe! It was awesome!

Jocelyn was wheezing for 18 hours so I decided to take her to urgent care. She was really scared to wear a mask to get albuterol, but she was pretty tough and liked looking like Darth Vader. After a little bit, she got used to wearing the mask and just played around. I was impressed. She had to get two treatments of it and then we found out she has bronchitis! Yuck. She is now on antibiotics and should get well soon.

Watching her be so scared and then returning to normal and playing made me think about the situations I am in where I choose not to be happy, but I am so glad I have an example of such happiness to learn from. She is always so positive!

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Mom said...

Thank you for showing pics of my babies! I miss them so much!!!!