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Thursday, August 30, 2012

So Much to Catch Up On

We have so much fun at the park! This was when the weather was still nice! Hopefully, we get those cool temperatures soon! Ezra loved his first time in the swing! Jocelyn loved swinging with him too!

We got to go to New Mexico for the weekend. Baby Paisley was just born and we got to spend some time with her and the rest of the family. Although Keith lost the election, there is a picture of his campaign sign. He totally deserved to win!

Pop (or Popcorn as Jocelyn likes to call him) and his grandchildren. All we need are Mylee, Ester and Paisley, but Paisley was busy with Grammi, and the picture's complete!

Jocelyn was so great on the way to New Mexico. She didn't watch a single thing on the DVD player. The way home was a different story....thank goodness for modern technology! She got really wrapped up in this movie!

Yay for summer movies! We would go see a movie at 10 and the Chick-fil-A cow would come give us a coupon for free kids meals! It was awesome, so naturally we would go and spend our time there. I guess I asked her a question that deserved the one eyebrow though. She likes to give me that look when she thinks I'm being silly.

This is what happens when Jimmy is alone with the kids. They get tattoos, although this one is pretty funny!

While we visited California, we went to the Victor Valley Mall. They have a little train ride for the kids, which is great, but then Jocelyn just wanted to stay on the train all day long. It was kind of a catch 22.

Look at those cuties! They were playing with hats and eating popsicles. You can always tell when it's summer here because we will always have yummy popsicles!

We took the kids to Bass Pro Shop for a night on the town. What? It's free fun and the kids loved it! Jocelyn is already trying to learn to use a gun. Look at that lady!

Mr. Ezra and Mommy just stayed back while they practiced their awesome gun skills.

Jocelyn's first time trying out an ATV (and possibly the last).

I babysat these two little guys and they wanted to wash the car, so I thought, "Hmmmm...Why not?" They loved it! And I loved it too, but for different reasons.

Doesn't he look guilty? He is. He found the craisins. I guess that's what happens when we leave them where he can grab them, but look how happy he is about it!

I'm not sure why, but I think it's so funny when a baby plays the kazoo! It's so stinking adorable. He was really good at it, although I'm pretty sure that it's backward in his mouth here.

The new Gilbert Temple! Look how amazing it is!

This was the best! Everett and Ezra met for the first time and were just completely fascinated by each other! They kept poking each other and grabbing each other, but neither of them cried. They were actually quite happy with each other!

We took the kiddos to Huntington and it was so much fun. They like the water possibly too much. We couldn't get them out of the ocean! Oh, and of course we showed them how to make a sand castle. 

He was so happy to be at the beach. It looks like he's cheering, a little Hitler style because of the sand mustache.

Jocelyn loves Popo and Papa! She had so much fun at their house and is officially a fan of macaroni, corn, hamburger, a Turner family special.

Jocelyn and Mimi are tough! They are tractor riding women!

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