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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween, a cruise and Jason Mraz

This isn't the greatest picture but I had to include it! Emily surprised me for our birthday with Jason Mraz tickets! The concert was amazing and we got upgraded seats-it was a wonderful night! 

Jimmy and I finally took our make-up cruise. It didn't break down this time woot woot! It was a great relaxation and it was just me and Jimmy-it hasn't really been that way for four years!

I had to take a picture of these stairs! Every time I saw them I thought of walking them with Jocelyn-over and over again. That was one thing that was bad about taking a cruise on a ship where you were stuck at sea-the bad memories you associated with some spots. We started remembering our uncooked hotdog/lettuce sandwiches. Or just plain cheese sandwiches. Oh and the garbanzo beans, kidney beans, spinach, olives and lettuces salads-we had that daily!

We went to a place called Land's End in Cabo San Lucas via water taxi. It was fun to tour the area on water, then we went to a secluded beach and snorkeled and enjoyed the perfect weather and water! It was perfect and I want to do it again!

We had fun at the different flea markets and seeing the area. We got the kids a few goodies, but mostly just window shopped.

The cruise ship had a golf course on it! It wasn't huge, but it sure was fun! We had fun little bets going with each round of golf we played. I was glad to win!

We had fun at dinner! We met a fun couple from San Diego and hit it off immediately! It helped dinner be so much more fun and we got some really good food! Jimmy and I took a few photos like we were in a photo booth.

We got our gaming on pretty much everyday. It was awesome. We even taught our dinner mates how to play Up and Down the River. A Turner and now Johnson classic.

Happy Halloween! We have fun pictures of the kiddos. Jocelyn was Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony-Jocelyn's favorite TV show. It's a little hard to create a pony outfit for a three year old, so I had to get creative. We dyed her hair purple and Jimmy made that cute headband with ears and a unicorn horn and got her to wear purple. I also made the "cutie mark" that goes on each ponies tushy.

We went Trick-or-Treating with Jocelyn's best friend Ayden, his parents and his aunts. It was so fun! Ayden was a scar-r-r-y skeleton. And Mr. Ezra was Yoda-he was a perfect little version and kept the hat on the whole night! It was great fun. We stumbled upon a carnival in the neighborhood that was all free and fun little games for the kids. There was even a bounce house and cotton candy!

 Jimmy made this amazing pumpkin! It doesn't even look real. It just looks awesome. Guess which Disney Princess it is? I'll give you a hint! Her real name is Aurora!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ezra turned 1, we went to California and so much more!

We went to Grammi Kimmi and Pop's and got to spend time with them! We met newest lady of the family, Paisley, had a garage sale and just got to have fun as a family. 

Mesa is great because there is a Summer Movie Club where it's $5 for 10 movies every Wednesday. We don't usually go to all of them because there are some that are above the age range, but we go to most of them and have so much fun. We've done it two years in a row! This year, Chick-fil-A gave away free kids meals every week, so we were able to go every week. I think Jocelyn was getting a little spoiled by being taken out and wants to go all the time now :)

This is what happens when Jimmy gets a hold of the temporary tattoos. 

We were able to go to California right before I started my job and the mall had a train. Jocelyn was great shopping, so we let her take a train ride, although she didn't want to get off after that.

Jimmy was able to help Mimi and Poppy with the tractor work in the back yard. And Ezra and Jocelyn got to take rides. They loved it!

We took this picture for Jocelyn's best friend Ayden. Ayden loves John Cena and thinks John Cena would beat the Rock, Spider-man and probably even Batman!

Jocelyn started ballet! She goes every Tuesday and has a blast! They're getting ready for their recital in December.

These two pumpkin eaters love to play with each other! They tease each other, but most of the time they get along and just laugh!

Jocelyn didn't want the paparazzi around while she was  relaxing in the pool.

Ezra turned 1! Jimmy made him a mustache cake and we got to celebrate and Uncle Kerry and Aunt Carol's house. It was so fun and I think this is such a fun series of pictures. You can see the progression of how he learned that cake really does taste yummy.

This is Ezra's mad face! I think it is hilarious and it's hard to feel bad for him when I see this mug!

And this is Jimmy and Jocelyn at Wal-mart. I'm pretty sure the tried on all of the masks available.

Ezra loves to put his hands in shoes and "walk" around the house! It's so funny!

This is Jocelyn at the hospital. She was at 84% oxygen and was wheezing like crazy. Our first camping trip was a huge flop, but I'm willing to try again when Jocelyn is not already wheezing.

Pull up a chair and get comfy!

Where's Ezra? That kid is a quick one and now learned to hide while shopping.

There are only two word I can think of that describe the picture below: Jimmy and Jocelyn.

Aunt Emily and Jimmy took the kiddos to the zoo and got to see one of Jocelyn's favorite animals, a horse! She loves them!

Right after Alyssa's wedding at the San Diego temple, we were able to take the kiddos to Oceanside and enjoy the wonderful ocean. They had no inhibitions about getting in the water. I love it!