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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Name Poll

What should we name our little boy?
Quinton (Quinn)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mama's 50th birthday party extravaganza!

It's always a party at Mimi and Poppy's.

What an adorable girl! She is so happy and a great little girl! Fiori-you rock!

What a classic look!

Man, I am so sad we only got one picture of him in this awesome Donny Osmond costume. I think he properly portrays the 70s in all of its glory!

So I represented the 60s. It was fun, but oh so hot!

Wow, 80s anyone? Those are Miley Cyrus pants by the way. I guess the 80s are back.

Look at that pair. What good troopers. They put up with my crazy ideas. Even when I ask them to dress up as a different decade at a party where no one else dressed up!

If you have seen My So Called Life, she is basically the Mom. It's a little uncanny. Well, here is a link to a picture of one of the girls in it. Wow, they go so well together.

It was a little bright, but this picture is fun.

Jason and Yasco came all the way from Phoenix! With an infant! They are so great.

More of my Mom's peeps.

More, more, more.

Good old friends from Phelan!

Look at those lovely ladies!

It wouldn't be a party without the Demke's and their posse.

Classic! I love how young she looks and yet is wearing and showing off all of that stuff!

What a cute duo! I'm pretty sure Aunt Emily is Fiori's favorite. Who can blame her?

Those two are quite the duo. They had a rocky start, but now they are best buds!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Phoenix Zoo and More...

Uncle Cary with his granddaughter and neice! They love him so much!

The Phoenix Zoo!
We had so much fun with Steph and her girls at the zoo! They loved it-well, Mylee didn't love the goat petting, but other than that they loved it. Here's proof!

I think that cow looks a little crowded, but they were milking (or shall I say watering) it. It was awesome.

I think she was having a difficult time getting the milk to come out. She looks so concerned.

Look at all those cute girls!

Mylee and Ester-living the easy life. I think they could live on a farm!

This was great! The girls were all checking out these giant iguanas. I think Jocelyn and Ester wanted to climb in there and play.

There is a neat little splash pad so the kids could take a rest!

Water is so much fun. Especially when it is like 100 degrees out! It becomes a necessity.

I love this picture-how cute are those sisters? They love to share everything with each other.