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Friday, November 2, 2012

Halloween, a cruise and Jason Mraz

This isn't the greatest picture but I had to include it! Emily surprised me for our birthday with Jason Mraz tickets! The concert was amazing and we got upgraded seats-it was a wonderful night! 

Jimmy and I finally took our make-up cruise. It didn't break down this time woot woot! It was a great relaxation and it was just me and Jimmy-it hasn't really been that way for four years!

I had to take a picture of these stairs! Every time I saw them I thought of walking them with Jocelyn-over and over again. That was one thing that was bad about taking a cruise on a ship where you were stuck at sea-the bad memories you associated with some spots. We started remembering our uncooked hotdog/lettuce sandwiches. Or just plain cheese sandwiches. Oh and the garbanzo beans, kidney beans, spinach, olives and lettuces salads-we had that daily!

We went to a place called Land's End in Cabo San Lucas via water taxi. It was fun to tour the area on water, then we went to a secluded beach and snorkeled and enjoyed the perfect weather and water! It was perfect and I want to do it again!

We had fun at the different flea markets and seeing the area. We got the kids a few goodies, but mostly just window shopped.

The cruise ship had a golf course on it! It wasn't huge, but it sure was fun! We had fun little bets going with each round of golf we played. I was glad to win!

We had fun at dinner! We met a fun couple from San Diego and hit it off immediately! It helped dinner be so much more fun and we got some really good food! Jimmy and I took a few photos like we were in a photo booth.

We got our gaming on pretty much everyday. It was awesome. We even taught our dinner mates how to play Up and Down the River. A Turner and now Johnson classic.

Happy Halloween! We have fun pictures of the kiddos. Jocelyn was Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony-Jocelyn's favorite TV show. It's a little hard to create a pony outfit for a three year old, so I had to get creative. We dyed her hair purple and Jimmy made that cute headband with ears and a unicorn horn and got her to wear purple. I also made the "cutie mark" that goes on each ponies tushy.

We went Trick-or-Treating with Jocelyn's best friend Ayden, his parents and his aunts. It was so fun! Ayden was a scar-r-r-y skeleton. And Mr. Ezra was Yoda-he was a perfect little version and kept the hat on the whole night! It was great fun. We stumbled upon a carnival in the neighborhood that was all free and fun little games for the kids. There was even a bounce house and cotton candy!

 Jimmy made this amazing pumpkin! It doesn't even look real. It just looks awesome. Guess which Disney Princess it is? I'll give you a hint! Her real name is Aurora!