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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mexistaches, Zombie Walk and Darth Vader

We had to start the summer properly with a trip to the pool. I made Jocelyn a little towel wrap dress since the pool towels are always too big for her. She practice blowing bubbles, both in the pool and with a wand.

Our ward has an annual Fajita Party to celebrate Cinco de Mayo and it just wouldn't have been the same without our Mexistaches! They are awesome!

 Zombie Walk! I heard there was a Zombie Walk and I knew what Jimmy and I would be doing for our anniversary! We had brains for dinner....mmmm! Jimmy dressed up as a zombie and luckily Jocelyn wasn't scared of him!

Since you weren't there to witness the Zombie Walk, this is the closest reenactment I could get of Jimmy being a Zombie. He was pretty good!


Some people were so into it! It made us look like amateurs! This group had a whole team to take down one zombie. The zombie was so into it, she seemed like a real zombie!

For our 5th anniversary, Jimmy and I thought we would celebrate in style at a really cool restaurant (way too expensive), but the view was amazing. We could see the whole valley from our table and we ate outside. It was perfect weather!

Like always, we made it to the zoo! We love that place, especially now that the splash area is open! It is a perfect place to stay while the weather is scorching!

Jocelyn is now at the stage where she can pick out her own outfits! She put leggings under her romper. It was too cute!

We made a special trip to a consignment store and Jocelyn found one of the best toys! She knew exactly what to do! She even said "Hoo-per" since she told me that is what Darth Vader says.

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