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Friday, March 30, 2012

Family Love

These kids are so cute! Jocelyn walked over to Ezra, so I took out the camera and sneaked a video. If Jocelyn knew I had the camera out, she would have stopped immediately, so I am kind of thinking of myself as a sneaky fox.

This is our latest happenings.

Mylee and Ester were able to visit for a few hours while Dave and Steph went to the temple. It was great! We loved that they were able to visit. Jocelyn can never get enough of her cousins.

Jocelyn and Jimmy are so alike. I loved their little lap time. They were so funny together.

I had to use this picture. Jocelyn was in such a silly mood. This is sooo...funny and so typical Jocelyn.

Jocelyn's friend Revan came over to play and they had fun. I got this little art project out for them and they couldn't have cared less about it. They just wanted to play with each other.

Jocelyn's dream came true! She met a real princess! We went to Mesa High School's production of Beauty and the Beast. She was a little tired and wanted to fall asleep but we kept her awake and she was happy because of it. She was really excited in the end.

Ezra is so funny about food. I think he is going to be a picky one. He always has the funniest faces when he eats. He always looks disgusted, but continues to eat whatever I feed him. I guess he doesn't like chicken and gravy.

But he is also my sweet and wonderful happy boy. He always laughs and smiles even if he is super tired. Here he is playing with Dad and loving it!

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The Stephanator said...

Great Post! Loved seeing pics of the girls! And your kids are so entertaining, they should have their own show!