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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Finally! Jocelyn's Birthday!

Jocelyn's birthday party was a success! We did a full-blown pirate princess party. We had a station for kids to put on pirate patches, a bandana, a sash and an earring. There was also a station for kids to put on temporary tattoos. Because Carson Kasper had just had a pirate party, we borrowed his two ship and the kids got in the cardboard "ships" and attacked each other with cannon balls made out of aluminum foil. There were about 20 kids there so it was a little bit crazy, but overall just plain fun. One kid said to me, "This is better than Chuck E Cheese!" Our pirate food was pizzas with a skull on cross bones made out of pepperoni and olives. And lastly, there was a pirate cake. It was so much fun!

One of my favorite parts of the party is when Jocelyn opened her Rapunzel dress from Aunt Deanne. As soon as she saw it, she dropped her skirt and wanted to put it on right then!

The kids were so excited about the cake! Jimmy made it look awesome!

Even Ezra got to be a pirate!

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Angela said...

these are such precious moments you can never get back so glad you have these photo's to remember :) I was queen of taking tons of photos and video's I never want to forget one min of their growing up :) looks like fun for everyone :) Happy Birthday To princess are one loved little girl by so many including us :) tho we have not met you yet we already know in our hearts that we love you :) and hope that one day we get to meet you and bring our hearts even closer, love cousin Dana & Angela Turner from Vermont<3 p.s your parents and family are amazing but you probably have figured that out already :)cause you are smart like them I am sure :)