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Friday, January 27, 2012

Thanksgiving and Christmas

Wow, there have been so many things that have happened over the last couple of months so here are the highlights!

To start us off, Jocelyn fell asleep picking her nose and I thought I should remember this forever! It is hilarious.

We were able to go to a hotel in Phoenix for the night (thanks Aunt Debbie!) and just get a little vacation away from home. It is always nice to get a little night away.

This was a fun little sequence of events. Of course, Jocelyn wasn't wearing clothes. She loves to be naked. Well, she was done with dinner and tried to get down from her chair a different way. She got her head stuck in the chair and was so mad. It was really funny and sad all at the same time.

Who knew you could dunk toast into ranch? I guess for some people ranch goes with anything. Jocelyn is one of those people.

Although he doesn't have any funny stories yet, he is still so cute and fun, so here is a picture of our little guy Ezra!

Jocelyn is officially going through a pirate phase. She loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and thinks she should live there with them!

Ezra has officially started eating solids and he couldn't be more happy about it! He wants to eat everything in sight. And from what I've heard, he won't stop...ever.

Pop (or "Popcorn" as Jocelyn likes to call him) made a wonderful breakfast for us on Christmas Eve morning and the girls helped! They are becoming quite the little chefs because they also made cookies for Santa with him!

This was the cutest! They all wanted to play the piano at the same time, so they did! Grandma Rose would be proud of her sweet little angels on the piano!

Stephanie and I took the girls to a children's museum in Farmington and the girls loved it. They played so well!

Mylee was praying for her "food." What good parents she has to teach her to thank our Heavenly Father for our blessings.

The girls love their TV. And Jocelyn is always a character having some expression on her face. I love it!

Dave was determined that Dani beat this game, but it didn't happen. Maybe next time Dani-you were so close!

The duo finally had a reunion. After a 5 year separation, the two found each other again and couldn't get their hands off each other. It makes me wonder what happened during their movie...

Boys will be boys...

Look at that cutie!

He is so happy! This is just adorable.

The sick mama with her kids. I'm sure that is what made Grammi Kimmi feel better!

AJ and her daddy.

Jocelyn was already trying out her new puzzle with Grammi Kimmi and loved that it was Little Mermaid. She just thinks all of the pieces should fit together. We're working on that.

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