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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween, California and more.

We started our trip in California really nice! Look at those two on lounge chairs in the beautiful California weather.

I am so excited for Karley and Christian. She is due in a little over a month. I can't wait and I know she is going to be a great Mom. In honor of her and their son, we threw a baby shower. It was airplane themed and so much fun!

Here is my attempt at being cool. It is supposed to be the prop of a plane, but apparently chocolate is harder to work with than they make it look on Food Network.

The yummy snacks and cake went here.

This says "Baggage Claim." It's where her gifts went.

Jimmy made this. He is so talented!

Our punch was the "Jet Fuel."

The is the sign for everyone leaving and arriving!

These are our "In-flight Meals."

The shower was fun and not because of the theme. We are always excited to add a new person to our family! They bring love and joy and I'm sure he will melt my heart like all of my other nieces and nephews already have!

Look at this happy boy! He is like this most of the time! I love it!

I love my little guy! He is so ambitious holding his head up already! He didn't even get mad when he couldn't do it anymore. He just laid his head down and started licking the carpet, at which point I decide he had enough tummy time.

Jocelyn only wants pictures taken when she is good and ready and I guess she wasn't ready.

I am on an exercise ball with both of them trying to bounce. It was hard and funny.

This is one of our favorite places to go and I couldn't be more happy about it since I am constantly reading.

Jocelyn's favorite thing to do is to talk to this "kid" and play for a couple of minutes and she never forgets to give him a kiss or say goodbye.

She is such a big girl. She can get her own chair and move it where she wants.

Halloween morning-these two were cuddling. So cute!

Her princess hair! It looked really cute and she loved it.

She was all ready for the festivities to start.

Our lanterns! They looked cool when it got dark.

Ezra and I matched and were cowboy and cowgirl, respectively.

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The Stephanator said...

I love your posts! Glad you had fun in California! The party turned out great! Good job! And Jocelyn was a regal beauty for sure! Love the hair ;)