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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Our Wonderful Summer

So far, summer has been pretty great. We have been able to do a lot of fun things. Here are some of the things we have done! We just like to spend time together as a family-so that means we are usually at home thinking of fun things to do!

Sugar Cookies are so awesome! This was a little adventure-a messy one, but it was so fun! Her eyes look a little weird, but the picture shows her enthusiasm!

She thought the gel frosting was for her to eat. I am surprised she didn't get sick...

I tried telling her you could draw like you do with a crayon, but this mound method looked good to her.

She is an artist!

This was my favorite of her artwork! So creative! The missing spots are where she put her finger in and ate.

We went to the pool with Emma, Bruce, Jenny, Uncle Kerry, Alisa and one of her friends! Emma loved the pool, as long as she was hanging on to Uncle Kerry.

Jocelyn was enjoying the tube with Dad.

This ring was! You can just put a kid in it and they just sit there!

Bruce-he is such a cutie and such a good cousin! He is always lovin' the ladies.

We were so excited-we have been able to see Jenny and Bruce twice this summer-a real treat compared to previous years!

Jocelyn was a contractor at Krysten and Andy's. She could work construction-I see it now.

Jocelyn was trying on Daddy's swim goggles. It was awesome!

Jocelyn loves to take pictures-this one actually turned out!

So, we made Play-doh a while ago and man it is one of the coolest things to play with. It keeps us busy for at least an hour! This time, Jocelyn was a Luchador.

This is what happens when Jimmy and Jocelyn play with the Play-doh together. Jaba the Hut. He loved it!

Jimmy thought this was hilarious-Jocelyn put "P" in the potty. Too bad it wasn't the real thing.

Jocelyn is practicing blowing bubbles like she does in the pool, although it just looks like she is drinking the tub water. Well, she was probably doing that too.

I know this picture is a little scandalous, but she just looks so cute I couldn't help but put it up! She was telling Jimmy not to take a picture of her.

I haven't taken any pictures until now at the pool, but Jocelyn pretty much lives there. We are there almost every day!

She was showing off how she blows bubbles to grab her toys. She is getting so comfortable in the pool!

She is in action and going to attack!

Jocelyn loves her noodle! This is how she gets around the pool.

She is such a fish! She loves to swim around.

I think she is giving Tigger a kiss because he fell.

We made Red Velvet Brownies-they were absolutely divine and they made Jocelyn look like a clown. It was worth it because they tasted sooooo...good!

She was attacking the spoon! She kept wanting more-luckily she understood that she would get a brownie when they were done baking.

Such innocence...

I'm a little sad our plates are red because the brownies blend right in!

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The Stephanator said...

What a great summer! You guys sure know how to have fun! Promise me we can have a cookie workshop with the girls! Maybe during Christmas?