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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Our New Little Guy

This is our family-the updated version.

After nine long months, Ezra Wendell is here! We are excited to have him home and are learning how to be around a newborn again. It is an adventure and I think we're all going through a roller coaster of emotions. Here are some pictures to see what I mean!

And this is what happens when Jocelyn gets a hold of the camera. Wow! They aren't the best pictures, but I thought they were a pretty funny series.

Jocelyn wants to hold her brother everyday! It is so cute-except when she gets rough, but I love that she wants to pay attention to him. It's great!

Jocelyn wanted Ezra to look at the camera. She is already teaching him new tricks.

Does she look comfy or what? And there I am in the background comfy too!

She is usually so tender with him. Until she gets bored and tries to pick him up and hand him to me. Then it gets scary.

We gave Ezra his first bath! He liked it for about 30 seconds and decided that was enough for him.

I had to put this picture up because it captured the emotion that Ezra was evoking. He was not happy!

And the best part! He was clean and getting happy.

This is "Grandma Claud." She is Jocelyn's swim teacher and also her friend.


Jenn said...

Welcome to the world, little Ezra! Glad you made it safely!

kandace taylor said...

He's so cute, congratulations to your family!

The Mangelson Family said...

Congrats guys!! He's adordable..of course!!!