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Monday, June 6, 2011

Phoenix Zoo and More...

Uncle Cary with his granddaughter and neice! They love him so much!

The Phoenix Zoo!
We had so much fun with Steph and her girls at the zoo! They loved it-well, Mylee didn't love the goat petting, but other than that they loved it. Here's proof!

I think that cow looks a little crowded, but they were milking (or shall I say watering) it. It was awesome.

I think she was having a difficult time getting the milk to come out. She looks so concerned.

Look at all those cute girls!

Mylee and Ester-living the easy life. I think they could live on a farm!

This was great! The girls were all checking out these giant iguanas. I think Jocelyn and Ester wanted to climb in there and play.

There is a neat little splash pad so the kids could take a rest!

Water is so much fun. Especially when it is like 100 degrees out! It becomes a necessity.

I love this picture-how cute are those sisters? They love to share everything with each other.


The Stephanator said...

LOVE IT! That was so much fun, you guys are the best! I'll tell Dave to check out your blog tomorrow. He'd love to see his girls.

Jenn said...

So jealous! I love the Phoenix Zoo! It looks like you guys had a great time. We'll have to do this again when I come down later this month.