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Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Fun

Our neighbor held an egg dyeing day in front of her house with all of the neighbor kids. They loved it and got to enjoy tasty Otter Pops when they were done.

Jocelyn's favorite treat-"Pops"-as she calls them.

Our Easter Picnic!
This was such a fun day! We had family and friends to enjoy the festivities. Uncle Jeff, Aunt Deanne, Megan, Kayla and Emily were able to join us from California. And then from New Mexico we had Grammi Kimmi and Grandpa Keith (Pop). And from Arizona, we had Aunt Bonnie, Krysten, Andy, Carson and Krysten and Andy's sister-in-law and her two cute boys. What a day!

Look at that food table! We had snacks all day long-from the best chicken salad sandwiches to potato salad to egg salad sandwiches and deviled eggs. It was an all out Easter bash.

This picture would have been perfect except Kayla's not in it!

Jocelyn loves her Auntie Em!

Look-they're twins!

We had a special treat-Aunt Bonnie came to our Easter shindig.

The Hunt begins!

You can tell he found one-he is on the move.

Well, if you were wondering Jocelyn took off her dress. Emily brought a beautiful Christmas dress from California that had been dry cleaned and Jocelyn thought it necessary to wear it-that is, before we hid it so she ended up walking around naked for a while!

She found her first egg had a treat in it and she almost quit just to eat it, but we encouraged her to look for more.

He is so proud of his findings!

It's a good thing Uncle Andy is so tall and willing to help his nephew get some eggs. That Easter Bunny can be a tricky guy hiding them in the tree.

Look at all that loot!

Lets go fly a kite, up to the highest height.

Look at that Mama! Too cute!

What kind of party would this have been without some cards? We played good old Up and Down the River. Grandma and Grandpa Turner would be proud!

Can I just say how much I love Megan's face in this picture!

Look-their besties!

I'm not sure, but I think she is trying to catch the bubbles in her dress. She is such a silly goose-look at that face!

We ended the day at the Easter Pageant in front of the temple. It was the perfect Easter! What a way to remember Christ. The pageant was amazing!

Blasted Wreath
So I thought I would make a fun Easter Wreath. I started two weeks before Easter and thought it would be an easy little project. Boy was I wrong! Notice how it's not hanging on a door? I just finished it-two weeks after Easter. Wow. Hopefully I still like it next year since I couldn't use it this year.

I wrapped every egg with yarn, silly style and organized wrap style. It was a piece of work but at least it's done now. Sheesh.

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