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Thursday, October 28, 2010

The wonderful world of blogging

So it has been way too long since I last blogged. For one thing, Jocelyn wasn't even born. Emily was still in the United States. Fiori was tiny. Christian wasn't married...the list is too long. So here's the scoop. I am going to be blogging more often. For reals...maybe.

Story of the week: Crazy thing happened the other night. Jimmy and I were watching Modern Family when we heard a bunch of helicopters. Now that's not really weird since we live so close to the airport, but when we were still hearing the helicopter hovering over our apartment complex we decided to look out the window. There was a spotlight from the helicopter flashing over our parking lot and the nearby canal. There were cop cars everywhere. We could hear them saying something over a loud speaker, but it was indecipherable from our distance. We tried desperately looking on the internet to see what was happening. With no luck, we were left wondering. We just decided to lock the door and close the blinds. The next day we found out a woman was shot twice in the neighboring apartment complex. One in the chest and one in the leg. Apparently, two teenage boys were trying to steal her car, but she wouldn't give them the keys so they shot her! Then they ran away and one was hiding in the RV park right behind our complex and the other was swimming in the canal, again conveniently located behind our complex. We were less than a block away! What kind of neighborhood are we in?

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Dave said...

that's so cool! You guys are so lucky to live in such a fun neighborhood. Lock your doors...again...